End of March Status Update

Mar 24, 2018 | Progress | 2 comments

Unfortunately, no major progress on the writing front.

Nonetheless, I am unveiling…


The City and the Dungeon, now in audiobook form!



  1. LOVE this book!!! Can not wait for the next in the series. Please, please, pleases tell me you’ll be starting the next soon??

    • See my latest status update. In short, I’ve decided to start it, but it’s still early in, and I have no idea about a release date any more.


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Are there games in Heaven?

This is a question that has often perplexed me, being player of games myself, for one cannot find a dogmatic answer to it, and this is perhaps for the best. We know that we cannot truly imagine what Heaven will be like, and that we have have perfect natural happiness and, of course, our supernatural beatitude, which is the point of this entire endeavor. If there are no games of any sort, then we will still have the infinite glory of gazing on God Himself for all eternity.