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Matthew P. Schmidt was chosen by God in God before the existence of the world to be holy and blameless before Him. Matthew P. Schmidt is not that good at that, but he tries. He was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but moved at a young age to Martins Ferry, Ohio, where he lurks today.

Matthew P. Schmidt has written since he was five and dictated stories to his parents, and has programmed since he figured out how to work QBasic. He finds writing and programming to be surprisingly similarly, though admittedly typos in books do not usually cause the reader to crash. Matthew P. Schmidt is certain there are exceptions.

When not working on one of his many projects, Matthew P. Schmidt dreams of worlds that are not, in addition to much reading of books and playing of games. He enjoys the Great Blue Heron and octopuses of all kinds, no matter their plural. He often speaks of himself in the third person, and not only in online biographies. Matthew P. Schmidt attends St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Martins Ferry, where he regularly eats God.

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