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The World of Wishes

Isaac is a rebel against the tyrannical Black Sorceress who killed his parents before him. Clarissa is her loyal servant, gratifying her every whim. When a chance mistake at their final battle crushes their world, they find themselves faced with a new, absolute tyranny. Together with Erik, a young soldier, can they topple the World of Wishes, or will they, too, fall prey to its seductions?

In the World of Wishes, anything you wish is yours.



459 pages | Released September 23, 2021


The new C&D cover!

The War Throughout the Dungeon

And Those Who Hate and Love

Shocked by the discoveries in the furthest reaches of the Dungeon, the City prepares to delve even deeper for answers. A surprise attack by the subterranean Undercity throws them into chaos, and a massive war soon rages throughout the Dungeon itself. The Undercity proves a wily foe, and against all odds the City finds itself struggling to gain the upper hand. And all the while, the Dungeon remains capricious, mysterious, and deadly.

Alex Kenderman is recruited by the supreme commander of the City, Mansa Musa Red, to lend his tactical expertise to the war effort. He and his party must fight against Underdwellers and the Dungeon itself to obtain victory, before it is too late. But two sinister questions remain:

Why did the Undercity start the war?

And who will win it?

347 pages | Released November 8, 2020

The new C&D cover!

The City and the Dungeon

And Those who Delve and Dwell Within

The City is an immense metropolis of crystal spires and wondrous magic. Beneath is the Dungeon, a vast underground world, and a source of endless treasure guarded by grotesque and deadly monsters. No one knows where the Dungeon came from, or why.

Any who would dare face the dangers and riches of the Dungeon must first be transformed into a delver, a quasi-immortal creature whose every attribute is defined by numbers. Yet the “immortality” offered is but illusionary, for without consuming the crystal found only within the Dungeon, a delver will inevitably die.

One young immigrant braves the Dungeon to remit money to his family, only to find much, much more. Friends, power, and secrets of the Dungeon.

Perhaps even love.

353 pages | Released December 27, 2017

Prince Anak the Immortal

On a distant planet the last remains of humanity take refuge. Among them is Prince Anak Og Eloi XIa11, a genetically engineered superhuman born to rule and to live forever. At the behest of his father the king, he has designed and constructed an antimatter factory to fuel warships against the implacable Foe.

Yet, Anak’s brilliant mind cannot help but notice inconsistencies between his own experiences and the Immortal Family’s designs. When his mortal friend and mentor is dying, he finds he must decide between what he believes is right and what he must do to remain immortal. When he finds out the truth, will he do what is right, even at the ultimate price?

150 pages | Released May 20, 2014

Short Stories

Out of Her Depth

A Tale of the City and the Dungeon

17 pages | Released August 25, 2017

The API of the Gods

38 pages | Released November 30, 2015

We Who Live by
the Death of Stars

7 pages | Released September 18, 2016


4 pages | Released September 18, 2016

Reviews, Writings, and Absurdities

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The World of Wishes is out!

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C&D2 on Audible! / STATUS UPDATE!

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