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In our modern world in which an sufficiently intelligent naked mole rat* can vomit words upon a page into Smashwords and publish it, I have set out to publish my own works. Fortunately for the naked mole rat, it is unable to feel pain, and thus will not feel the sorrow of having its dreams of its BESTEST BESTSELLERS SELLING BESTLY be cruelly dashed against the rhinoceros-hide** of reality. Alas, I have no similar protection, though at least I am not naked.

All the self-publishing marketing advice I’ve read says to go into the vast wastes of the Internet and set up a blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook, and every other form of social media known to man or naked mole rat. The purpose of this, I read, is to somehow convince your rabid readers into purchasing your works, whereupon you will receive glorious monies. Or perhaps glory and money under separate species. Either way.

As I hate Facebook and loathe Twitter, I will set up neither. I have no excuse not to set up my own blog, so here I am, loyal slash rabid reader. PLZ GIV GLORIOUS MONEIS.

Or, well, not just yet, as I have yet to even begin writing, after several false starts, my first draft of my newest novel, one that I intend to publish, by myself if need be. Given the chosen indignity of not having a true domain name, this free blog needs no money nor do I expect any glory as of yet.

In any case, I expect to be posting mainly reviews of whatever strikes my fancy, along with occasional updates on my writing process. Absurdities are to be expected at any time***. Being Catholic, the reviews will mainly be from a moral perspective. Being eclectic, they will usually have little or no relation to what is actually popular at the moment. As it is, my entertainment is usually limited to the free and to that which can be found at the library.C’est la vie.

That all said, expect my first “real” update tomorrow.

* Or perhaps a naked mole rat hive, as the animal is in fact eusocial.

** The horn of the rhinoceros of broken dreams has been removed to deter poachers.

*** Including, dare I say, now.


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