End of August Status Update

Aug 27, 2018 | Progress | 2 comments

So, what’s been happening in all my radio silence?

Unfortunately, not much. C&D2 is on hold for a bit, because real life events began resembling story events too much, and I don’t mean my heart was replaced by a magical stone that granted me quasi-immortality. Which would be pretty rad and all, but no. I can’t really go into more details, except that it will probably be next year. 🙁

Ushabti Online before the end of the year. That doesn’t mean it will be out this year, but hopefully I will have something to show for all of this.

Sorry it’s been taking so long, but little has been going to plan this year.



  1. Don’t worry about it. Your life and happiness are more important than a book.
    In addition, my policy on books has always been better a good book slowly than a bad book fast.
    Good to get an update though.
    Have a great day, and I hope things improve for you.


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