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The Plutonium Idol

Nov 13, 2020 | Declarations, Thoughts, Writings | 1 comment

The thing with idolatry in ancient Israel wasn’t that the Holy People did not worship the LORD. Far from it–they simply worshipped everything else, too. It is such idolatry that remains to this day: while mankind once bowed before idols of gold and stone, now it pledges fealty to idols made of silicon and plutonium.

The Devil has succeeded in quite a trick: convincing some who call abortion a bloody holocaust to Moloch to worship at the altar of passing entire nations through the nuclear hellfire. I am certain that if this blog was more popular I would get angry comments defending the latter practice. Instead, no one cares at all. But it is what it is: a sacrifice of others–hundreds of millions of them–for our own peace of mind. Hail your god, America, the Trident! Kneel before the Minuteman! For the LORD might not protect us from nuclear war–but we know they will! 

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  1. Well said!


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