Status Update!

The WIP turned out to be much more of a project than I initially anticipated. I plan to get back to it after C&D2.

End of February Progress Update!

Matthew P. Schmidt My BlogUnfortunately--get this--life has continued to happen. I'm still planning to get C&D2 out before the end of the year, darn it! Meanwhile, The City and the Dungeon is now available in delightful hardcover form, through IngramSpark! A bunch...

End of Year Progress Update!

Matthew P. Schmidt My BlogSo what's been happening? I've decided to focus mostly on C&D2 for the time being. Ushabti Online and Seven Princedoms are shelved for the moment, unfortunately. My secret project, briefly alluded to, is not shelved, but due to logistical...

Beginning of October Status Update

Matthew P. Schmidt My BlogI have been writing, ding dang it! Unfortunately, it hasn't been in either (A) things I've finished or (B) things I can talk about just yet. So... C&D2: Still no progress. Ushabti Online: Not enough progress. I realized I couldn't finish...

End of August Status Update

Matthew P. Schmidt My BlogSo, what's been happening in all my radio silence? Unfortunately, not much. C&D2 is on hold for a bit, because real life events began resembling story events too much, and I don't mean my heart was replaced by a magical stone that granted...

End of May Status Update

Matthew P. Schmidt My BlogI was actually planning to keep my progress secret, so as not to stir up hopes. Thing is, getting a first draft of a novel done is usually only part of the progress. Also, life events have been greatly slowing my progress in general. But,...

End of March Status Update

Matthew P. Schmidt My BlogUnfortunately, no major progress on the writing front. Nonetheless, I am unveiling... The City and the Dungeon, now in audiobook form! Enjoy!

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How many angels can, in fact, dance on the head of a pin?

The theological equivalent of xkcd’s What If? column, if you will. Yet the question, absurd or not, remains.

The Melancholy of Heaven

Are martyrs sad? Standard answer: no. They are in Heaven by definition, and “He will wipe every tear from their eyes.” I agree. Generally.

Lessons Learned from Making Educational Games for Kids

This is the first article in lessons we’ve learned, starting with the front-end design of the games themselves.

The C-x C-f Writing Method

There comes a time in every writer’s life whereupon they must stand atop the nearest soapbox, milkcrate, or indefinite cubic object to declaim how their style of writing is THE BEST.