The Future is Bright!

Apr 23, 2020 | Behind the Scenes, Declarations | 0 comments

Pardon the dust and the occasional disconsolate screaming of web gremlins. Welcome to my shiny new website!

I hope, in general, to be blogging more often, as I’ve found it easier and faster to write recently. I don’t plan on having a schedule, but I still hope to have more content than mere status updates.

C&D2 is going splendidly. No deadlines or promises, but it’s looking promise-ing. God willing, I will have more to share, soon.

For those of you who remember my forays into Steemit, I now have a Hive blog here: . So far some of the old images are broken, but I’ll look into fixing them–if nothing else, just reposting old content.

I have also chosen to import all the old content into this new blog. I had prevaricated on this. My old blog contained the musings of a much younger, and to be blunt much more insecure self. But they are just as much my writings as these. I do not necessarily still agree with all I’ve said in the past. But they are, nonetheless, my own words.

On that subject, in my very first blog post, I questioned my own ability to succeed. No, I said, I would have my dreams dashed, and like the naked mole rat of metaphor I would merely vomit words into the world. At the time I thought that only reverse psychology would succeed; I would create the ultimate in-joke for my future, unimaginably successful self to laugh at.

But this is not what happened. For one, all the best naked molerats now use Kindle Unlimited, sharing their their KENPs with the whole hive. For two, I realize how horribly pretentious and elitist I was back then. I hope I have at least gained some humility. But, perhaps the thing I was most wrong about was that it was impossible. I have achieved some of my dreams, and found them not to be what I truly wanted. I have had amazing success, thanks to you all. I have ridden the rhinoceros of broken dreams to victory, having glued its horn back on with the glue of effort and the assistance of others, and so I crashed through the gates of despair and impossibility.

The future, beyond the gate, is bright.



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